Achieve the Full Lip Look

Everyone wants the appearance of full, sensuous lips.

Time can deplete the amount of collagen in the lips, leaving them looking thin and stretched. And some people simply weren’t born with a perfect pout and seek ways to plump their lips into the perfect shape. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to achieve the full-lip look.

Safe, effective and reliable, these methods are trusted by women and men across the country to improve the appearance of their lips. In fact, the number of lip augmentation procedures conducted in the U.S. has grown significantly in recent years. The total number of lip enhancement procedures doubled between the years 2000 and 2015. Among men, the number increased by 400 percent for the same time period.

Finding the right augmentation method for your will require consultation with a cosmetic doctor. Some treatment options require surgery; others are non-invasive methods. Learn more about options available to augment your lips.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers like Restylane offer the easiest way to achieve plumper lips. When injected into the lips, the hyaluronic acid contained in the product attracts water to the injection sites. The in turn creates a fuller appearance. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance, not an synthetic filler. The result is a subtle improvement in fullness that lasts for months until the hyaluronic acid is reabsorbed by the body.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and isn’t painful.  If you’re not pleased with the result, the procedure can be reversed. Additionally, there are a few side effects:

Redness at the injection site that goes away within a few hours
Mild swelling and tenderness
Bruising and discoloration
Mild itching

Fat Grafting to Lips
Dermal fillers may not be the best option for people with significant allergies. While hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring, some people are allergic to other synthetic ingredients in the filler. An option that does not aggravate allergies is fat transfer to your lips. During this minimally invasive procedure, fat is harvested from areas of your body using liposuction. The buttocks, thighs, abdomen or hips are usually the best candidates.

The fat cells are purified and then reinjected back into your lips or any other area of the face where you need more definition. The result is a fuller, more voluminous appearance that lasts for years. Since the treatment uses fat from your own body, there’s no chance of allergic reaction or rejection. The procedure takes a couple of hours and you should expect a few days of down time.

Surgical Lip Lift
Done under local anesthesia in less than a hour, a surgical lip lift is a great way to achieve a perfect pout. The procedure essentially shortens the area between the top of the lip and the bottom of the nose. The result makes the lips look fuller with more prominent curves.

A permanent solution, lip lift surgery allows your surgeon to customize the shape of your lips to suit your personal preferences. In this way, you can achieve a perfect “cupid’s bow” without having to return for additional injections of dermal filler. The surgery is good for younger people who want to enhance the appearance of their natural lips or for people who have seen their lips droop as they age.  

You can expect a few days of downtime following this procedure, but there is very little discomfort associated with the procedure. Stitches come out after a week and your surgeon will take steps to hiding any scarring.

Lip Implants
Lip implants are soft, pliable and feel natural. While offered as a permanent solution, they can be easily removed if you want to return to your natural appearance. Most lip implant surgeries are done on an outpatient basis using a local anesthetic, and your recovery period will be around a week in most cases.

Want to learn more about ways to augment your lips? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with board-certified surgeon Dr. King Kim and learn about your options.