Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants are a fast way to make a major change to your appearance. It’s the perfect enhancement to restructure the face for the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Most people aren’t born with naturally ideal cheekbones. That’s why looking into the option of cheek implants may be something you’ve dreamed about for years. This procedure is also referred to as a “cheek augmentation.”

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon, like the talented ones at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery, can make this dream possible for you. If you have ever wondered whether or not you are a good candidate for cheek implants, let’s look at some of the details about the procedure to better help you make your decision.

Reasons For Wanting Cheek Implants

When you come to our offices at Sunrise, we’ll take a complete medical history to find out if you will be a good candidate for facial implants. The reasons for wanting this surgery vary per person, but overall having the implants can replace the appearance of bone density loss, help to balance out physical imperfections in the face, and can give you a more natural symmetry between the chin and forehead. 

It’s a very appealing surgery to have for those reasons and much more. High and well-structured cheekbones are a desirable quality to have. Luckily, if you weren’t born with naturally high cheekbones, this type of oral surgery is one of the best decisions you can make because it is extremely natural-looking.

As long as you are in good physical health, aren’t obese, don’t smoke, and have a cheek structure that is flat or sagging, you may be the right candidate for cheek implants. 

Cheek Implant Options to Consider

There are a few ways to have cheek implants put in. A fat transfer is one method and used with a patient’s own fat deposits on other parts of their body. This is the preferred method, simply because it is extremely rare for one to reject their own fat tissue. Solid cheek implants, on the other hand, are made of artificial material. This material is usually made of medical-grade silicone. A non-surgical option to consider is with dermal fillers. Talking with the surgeon to find out your end goals for cheek implants will determine the best method for achieving this cosmetic procedure.

The Procedure 

The procedure to get cheek implants takes about two hours in total when done under general anesthesia. It’s also an outpatient procedure, so you won’t have to spend the night in the hospital. You may experience some swelling and pain after, but over-the-counter medication can be taken. Take it easy for a couple of weeks while you heal from the surgery. You can resume most of your normal activities soon after that.

The Results of Cheek Implant Surgery

You may have seen your favorite celebrities, models, or socialites with this procedure. It’s because it’s a natural and non-invasive change to your look that will make you like a better version of yourself. Your facial structure will seem more lifted with better volume. If you have solid cheek implants, the results will be permanent. With a fat transfer, the results will last for a few years or more. Non-surgical dermal fillers usually last about a year but have to be maintained with future injections.

The majority of the cheek augmentations we usually do at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery are permanent ones. Facial cosmetic surgery is an amazing way to improve your appearance. If you are considering having cheek implants and want to discuss whether or not you are a candidate, feel free to give us a call to schedule a consultation today.

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