Best Candidates for Teeth-In-A-Day

Teeth-In-A-Day is a truly unique option for full mouth teeth replacement. At Sunrise Oral Surgery, Dr. Schmid and Dr. Kim can work together with a prosthodontist or restorative dentist to get you the smile you want. With Teeth-In-A-Day, you can get the teeth replacements you need even if you’re not a good candidate for full mouth teeth replacements with dental implants.

Are You a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for Teeth-In-A-Day are patients who want reasonably priced teeth replacement, since this system is much cheaper than dental implants. You also need to have enough healthy jaw bone to support four dental implants, as you’ll need those implants to support the rest of your restoration. Dr. Schmid or Dr. Kim will evaluate you to help you determine whether Teeth-In-A-Day is the right choice for you.

To better determine whether Teeth-In-A-Day might be right for you, you can learn more about the process below.

The Teeth-In-A-Day Process: Is it Right For You?

To ensure the most success with Teeth-In-A-Day, extreme precision while placing the support implants is absolutely crucial. To achieve this necessary precision, your Sunrise Oral Surgery dentist will use high-tech 3D imaging to guide the implant placement.

Using a Cone Bean CT scanner, your dentist gets an exact picture of your jaw and all of its support structures. This helps your dentist choose the exact area that the implants will work the best. With this information in hand, your dentist can make a specific surgical template and analyzes it in detail prior to the surgery.

When it’s time for your surgery, your dentist will insert the support implants in your jaw, and will also give you a temporary restoration for your missing teeth. These restorations will give you the appearance and the functionality of having a full mouth of teeth.

After your temporary restoration is put in place, you’ll need to go through a process known as osseointegration. Essentially, this means that your jaw bone and the dental implants fuse together. Through osseointegration, you’ll get the rock solid support that you need to keep not only the implants in place but also to support your restoration. Ossesintegration can take some time to happen — most patients will wait a few months in between the temporary restoration and the permanent one as a result. However, you’ll have the benefit of enjoying a full smile the whole time.

Teeth-In-A-Day Recovery: Can You Handle the Recovery?

Teeth-In-A-Day recovery is probably much easier than you’re expecting. With this system, you can get an entire mouth of beautiful looking teeth restorations without going through a long and drawn out recovery. When you get dental implants for every tooth in your entire mouth, you can expect a considerable recovery time. Because you’re only getting four dental implants with the the Teeth-in-a-Day, you have a much easier recovery overall.

Teeth-in-a-Day patients may feel a little sore after the temporary restoration is placed, but this usually goes away within a few days. While osseointegration takes place, you’ll go about your normal activities and life, enjoying a full smile in the meantime. Once your permanent restoration is placed, you may again feel a bit of soreness for a day or so, but overall it’s dramatically easier than full-mouth dental implants ever could be.

Are You a Teeth-in-a-Day Candidate?

With Teeth-in-a-Day, you can get the appearance of natural teeth without going through the recovery from full-mouth dental implants. You’ll also get a beautiful smile for much less than the cost of full-mouth dental implants. If those things sound good to you, and if you have enough healthy jaw to support four dental implants at key places in your mouth, Teeth-in-a-Day may just be the ideal solution for your teeth replacement needs.

When you have your consultation at Sunrise Oral Surgery, you’ll review your candidacy in full with the dentist to make sure that Teeth-in-a-Day can meet your needs. Book your Teeth-in-a-Day consultation now to get started on the smile that you want and deserve!