Corrective Jaw Surgery

jaw surgery

Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery, is often necessary when teeth and bite problems cannot be corrected by orthodontics or braces alone. When the jaw is underdeveloped or over developed it can cause problems ranging from TMJ pain, bite problems, facial deformities and tooth damage. Utilizing predictive pre-operative planning, orthognathic surgery can be performed in such a way as to elevate functional jaw growth discrepancies and lead to favorable life changing habits.

We are one of only a couple of offices in Brevard County to provide continuity defect reconstruction for people who have lost large portions of their jaw due to trauma or cancer. This procedure is highly effective in that it cannot only reinstate healthy bone growth but restore confidence and self-esteem to someone who has suffered through trauma and illness.

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Orthognathic Surgery

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