Are Facial Implants Right for You?

Intended to enhance areas of facial structure, facial implants can augment receding chins, hollow cheeks/under-the-eye recessing and improve weak jaw contours. Made of materials (mostly solid silicone rubber) compatible with body chemistry and tissues, a facial implant procedure represents a cost-effective, minimally invasive method of improving facial aesthetics without undergoing plastic surgery. Recovering from facial implant procedures takes only a few days in most cases, with results appearing quickly after swelling subsides. Unlike facelifts and other cosmetic surgical treatments that may need to be repeated, facial implants do not need to be removed and replaced. Once they are in place, results are typically permanent.

Benefits of Chin Implants

The most attractive faces are symmetrical faces or faces with distinct features proportionally spaced within the face. Receding chins are chins that do not meet evenly with the mid-face and forehead. Excessively receding chins (retrogenia) are mostly genetic and do not interfere with eating or speech. Aging often contributes to a gradually receding chin as loss of soft tissue and bone around the jaw causes retrogenia.

Chin augmentation defines receding chins by adding depth to the chin for a more balanced look among other facial features. In addition, chin implants help large nose appear more proportionate while creating an attractive contour between the neck and chin. People with large noses often choose to have chin augmentation instead of rhinoplasty to symmetrize their face.

Benefits of Jaw Implants

A jaw implant increases the width of your lower face to give you a stronger, defined profile. Men with narrow, long faces often opt for jaw implants to give them a more masculine, squarer facial structure. Jaw implants are also used to restore facial aesthetics after trauma to the jaw or loss of bone due to disease. Many people with weak jawlines also have receding chins and elect to undergo both a jaw and chin implant simultaneously.

Jaw implants are placed over your jaw’s existing bone structure to increase dimensions. You may consider a jaw implant if you have used dermal fillers to create a more contoured jawline and were happy with the results. Results of dermal fillers decrease over time but jaw implant results are permanent.

How Do Cheek Implants Improve Facial Appearance?

High, prominent cheekbones are universally viewed as an attractive feature in both men and women. Cheek augmentation improves longer, narrower faces by providing harmony and balance within the middle of the face. Flat or underdeveloped cheekbones are enhanced through malar augmentation while implants can also correct sunken, hollow cheeks that often develop as you age.

Who are Good Candidates for Facial Implants?

If you are healthy and have not been diagnosed with a condition that could interfere with recovering from a facial implant procedure, you should be approved to receive a chin, cheek or jaw implant. If you smoke, your doctor may suggest you try to stop smoking several weeks before and after the procedure. Chemicals in tobacco are known to interfere with normal tissue healing and delay reduction of swelling and bruising.

During your consultation at Sunrise Facial & Oral Surgery, your doctor will talk about your aesthetic concerns and goals, evaluate your candidacy for facial implant procedures and describe what to expect after your implant procedure. If you have dental or gum problems, you may be asked to confer with an oral surgeon or dentist. In addition, your current health, previous surgeries and medication allergies will be discussed. Facial implants and other cosmetic surgeries are best suited for men and women over 18 years old who have reached physical maturity unless facial reconstruction is needed to correct damages caused by trauma.

Call Sunrise Facial & Oral Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Richard W. Schmidt DDS or Dr. King Kim, DMD. In addition to facial implants, our doctors also perform eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, browlifts, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and bone grafting. Dermal filler injectables and Botox treatments are available to reduce wrinkling, smooth away fine lines and plump out nasolabial folds and creases.