Facial Plastic Surgery and the Pandemic

You might wonder who would want elective surgery during a pandemic. On the surface, the idea of COVID-19 and lockdown leading to greater interest in plastic surgery may seem odd. Scroll your social media feed and you will see many memes highlighting people wearing pajamas to work and forgetting to so much as brush their hair before flipping open their laptop and “heading to work” from their couch. It makes you wonder how this casual attitude and an increased interest in cosmetic enhancements can exist simultaneously‚Ķ.yet, clearly, they can.

What’s behind the mask?

Here at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery we are seeing an increase in patients coming to see Dr. Kim for consultations for facial cosmetic surgery or for fillers. And they are scheduling their facial cosmetic procedures too. So even though we are still wearing masks, patients are still thinking about what is behind the mask.

So if you are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim, you can call our office. We have 2 convenient locations, Melbourne 321-725-5377 or Suntree (Rockledge) 321-255-7724.

The Fear

The pandemic brought a general sense of fear and the unknown. Patients canceled surgeries, concerned over new risks in the face of COVID-19. Some were no longer able to afford their procedures due to changes in income or were pulling back on spending just in case.

However, this didn’t last long. Within a few months, restrictions on surgeries lifted, practices opened up once again and more people than ever before were interested in plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Once you dig a little deeper, it starts to make sense. Anyone who had previously been interested in surgery but worried about the recovery period suddenly had a golden opportunity; while they would still need time off from work, they would require fewer sick days since they could work from bed as they recovered. Plus, that comfy work-from-home wardrobe translates nicely to a post-surgery recovery one.

For those who suddenly didn’t need to commute, buy lunches out and focus on their work wardrobe, the pandemic also meant more money in the bank to spend as they wished.

The “Zoom Boom”

However, the biggest factor was likely the “Zoom Boom.” With the switch to online work and meetings, many people went from only looking at themselves while washing their hands during bathroom breaks to suddenly staring at their image on a screen for hours each day. As a result, they had ample time to analyze their lines, wrinkles, double chins and more. As one would expect, people quickly turned to seeking out solutions. And now, thousands upon thousands began seeking plastic surgery during the pandemic.

Keeping patients safe and comfortable is always our standards

In these uncertain times, Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery would like to assure our patients that we are here for you and will remain available to answer questions and concerns.

We take your safety and comfort seriously. Cleanliness and sanitation has always been part of our office protocols, and even more so now. Everyone in the office wears a mask and we ask that patients come in wearing masks as well; we sanitize our exam rooms with medical grade sanitizing wipes and hospital grade disinfectant between patients.

Our office has always followed the guidelines put forth by the ADA (American Dental Association) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We are taking extra precautions to make our patients feel safe during these uncertain times.