Hybrid Dental Implants

Hybrid Dental Implants are be a great option for patients who have lost all of their natural teeth on the upper or lower jaws — or on both. Hybrid implants, are a more permanent solution to dentures and offer significant cost savings when compared to typical dental implants in regards to upkeep in the long run.

About Hybrids

A hybrid implant or overdenture is a full denture that includes both prosthetic teeth and life-like looking gums that completely cover the upper or lower jaws. They are anchored into the jawbone with dental implants in much the same way as regular (more expensive) dental implants. The implants, once surgically inserted and fused with the jawbone, become a permanent part of the patient’s mouth.

With proper care, overdentures resting on hybrid implants can last indefinitely, unlike traditional removable dentures, which typically require replacement every five to seven years. Hybrid implants are a system composed of titanium rods that allow a denture to be firmly and permanently affixed. Unlike regular dentures, denture plates affixed to hybrid dental implants do not shift or slip out of place, and most people experience biting and chewing strength much closer to that which they had with their natural teeth.

Restore Dental Function

Hybrid dental implants allow the use of denture plates that are much smaller than traditional dentures — in the case of hybrid dental implants for the upper jaw, they do not cover the roof of the mouth. Because of this, patients are better able to taste and enjoy their food more normally, and the hybrid dental implants feel much more natural than regular dentures.

Cost Effective Solutions

Hybrid implants are considerably less expensive than full dental implants. Though they can be a little more expensive than traditional removable dentures, they do not require replacement or relining, and with proper care can last a lifetime. Because of these factors, hybrid implants actually represent a more economical and cost-effective solution than traditional removable dentures.

The permanence of hybrid implants means that once their initial cost has been paid for, they will (under normal circumstances) not require further expenditure. Patients opting for hybrid implants will save money over both traditional full implants and over the long term will also save money over traditional dentures, which require regular relining and replacement every five to seven years.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

If a patient is considering hybrid implants over either full implants or traditional dentures, the best first step is to meet with your dentist or acquire a referral to one of our oral surgeons. An oral surgeon familiar with the hybrid implant process can answer any questions a patient may have, and provide more information both about the procedure and how much it is likely to cost.

Our doctors can also help compare the advantages and disadvantages of the various available options and help you determine which might be right for you.

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