Learn All About Teeth in A Day

It can be difficult to decide on a dental implant, with so many options available. If speed and efficiency rank high on your list of needs, you may want to consider the teeth-in-a-day implant technique. The procedure is for people with missing teeth or who are in the process of losing all of them. Read on to see how the experts at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery can improve your smile with this fast and miraculous procedure. 

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Before we go deeper into teeth-in-a-day, let’s go over dental implants. They typically get made from a metal like titanium. Your oral surgeon inserts the posts directly into your jawbone. The bone grows and fuses with your implant over a period of time. Dental professionals usually wait three to six months before restoring the implant. A good oral surgeon makes sure the conditions of the jaw permit the insertion of dental implants with proper bone grafting.

The most significant benefit of getting implants is that they look and feel like your natural teeth. There is no need to take them in and out at night like you would with dentures. People like the security offered when they eat. Plus, there is no worry that they will slide around in your mouth while speaking with others.

How Does Teeth-in-a-Day Work?

One thing to remember is that a lot of planning goes into the teeth-in-a-day procedure. Your oral surgeon typically sets up several visits beforehand. Then, they will go over the entire process and what you will experience at every stage. Having this information is crucial in making an informed decision on whether to go through with the teeth-in-a-day implant.

Dental implants can be a life-altering surgical experience. A quality surgeon ensures their patient has a sound oral health history and is in good physical health. Some conditions that could prevent you from having the procedure right away include being a smoker, having an autoimmune disease, or a chronic illness. Patients should also disclose any medications they are currently taking or will be taking over the next six months.

Teeth-in-a-day is a full arch dental implant restoration. All diseased teeth left in the mouth get removed. Your surgeon places the implant posts and temporary crown in place on the same day. You then heal for several months until there is enough healing to proceed with permanent crowns.

Can There Be Complications From Teeth in a Day?

Keeping the implants still after surgery is vital to the overall success of the procedure. Signs of implant failure typically show up within three to four months of the initial placement. Poor blood circulation, medications, and overall poor health can contribute to the failure of the teeth-in-a-day implant procedure. Infections may occur due to open wounds or dental cement getting stuck in the gums. An unskilled surgeon could cause nerve or tissue damage that causes numbness in the tongue, cheek, lips, and chin.

Too much force on the jaw from doing the implant and temporary crown placement on the same day can also lead to implant failure. It often happens in patients who do not have proper bone density in the jaw. The patient’s body may also reject dental implants in the same way it would other foreign organs. Patients may experience an allergic reaction from metals that contain nickel.

It is possible for teeth-in-a-day implants to fail one to ten years after the procedure. These long-term failures are usually due to not having enough implants to support replacement teeth, smoking, or continually grinding or clenching your teeth.

The Importance of Finding the Right Surgeon

As you can see, getting the teeth-in-a-day procedure is a major undertaking. You want a surgeon experienced in performing the surgery and a proven track record of success. Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery makes sure you feel comfortable during each stage. Our surgeons make your safety and health a priority.

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