Team Building Activities

In our office we do fun team building activities; it can be anything from crafting, trivia to making a sweet or savory dish. Some people see team building as a ‘nice break’ from regular work, they do have a purpose. This is to develop the skills and knowledge of the team as well as help build rapport. These activities increase motivation, collaboration, encourages creativity and positive reinforcement.

We all have fun doing these activities and we want to share with you our latest project!

Beautify Your Birdhouse

First thing, is the rules and voting categories. These birdhouses will be voted into these categories by Dr. Schmid, Dr. Kim and our fellow teammates.

The Challenge

We all have strength and weaknesses, these challenges can be surprising at what you can do and how resourceful you can be. The ones who feel they are not crafty are the ones who will pull off some amazing things. Don’t ever sell yourself short!  A challenge is just that, it pushes you out of a comfort zone.

Let’s Get Started!

We were given a bag with one unfinished birdhouse, paintbrush and two bottles of paint. And you choose your bag, it’s random. Each birdhouse was different, some had more of a square shape and others were round. And if the color of paint and the shape of the birdhouse is not what you want, that is where sharing and trading come in! You were able to use anything you had around your house, as far as spending, don’t go over $10!

Did We Just Become Birdhouse Builders?!

Nobody disappointed! It was great seeing how creative everyone was! Here are photos of the birdhouses we all did.

The Votes Are In!!

Most Creative: Patty, Debbie and Betsy

Wackiest: Grace

Cutest: DJ

Sensible and Well Done: Janis and Yolanda

No one leaves empty handed! Anyone who didn’t make it into the voting categories gets a participation prize, because at the end of the challenge, everyone is a winner!