Why Would I Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction that includes dental implants or bone grafting may be necessary if you’ve recently suffered trauma to your mouth, such as in the case of a car accident or severe sports injury. This type of oral surgery may also be beneficial for those who suffer from numerous missing or badly worn teeth. Some illnesses, such as oral cancer, may contribute to dental degeneration that requires reconstruction for pain relief and improved facial appearance, as well. 

Whatever reason you may have for considering a full mouth reconstruction, The dental professionals here at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery in Melbourne and Rockledge are ready to guide you gently through this oral surgery and onto a bright new smile.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is the process of replacing or rebuilding all of your teeth. If the majority of your teeth are missing, damaged, or suffering from decay, reconstruction may be the most efficient way to fix them. Reconstruction may also be necessary for those suffering from severe periodontal disease in which soft tissue or bone grafts are needed to rebuild a foundation for new teeth. In a nutshell, a full mouth reconstruction is different for every client and is suited to his or her individual needs. Methods used in a full reconstruction may include:

  • Placement of Dental Implants
  • Placement of Veneers
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Oral Surgery to Reposition the Jaw
  • Placement of Crowns, Inlays, or Onlays
  • Bone Grafting
  • Braces
  • Placement of Bridges

Reconstruction is a necessary treatment, as opposed to a cosmetic one, because it involves the state of your health. When you’ve reached the point where you’re having headaches, infections, jaw and muscle pain due to dental problems, it’s probably time to consider oral surgery, including dental implants, to repair your teeth, gums, and jaw.

How Long Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Take?

From your first visit to Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery, to the end of your reconstruction, months may elapse. In fact, it’s not unusual for a full reconstruction to take a year or more. This is because some procedures — dental implants, for instance — are done in steps to allow your gums to heal and posts to take root in between. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will discuss the expected timeframe with you once he’s developed a plan of treatment and explained the procedures necessary to design your reconstruction.

What Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost?

The cost of having a full mouth reconstruction varies according to how much care is needed. The good news, however, is that it’s a necessary oral surgery, and not an elective one. This means your insurance may pay a percentage of your care. Talk with your insurance carrier representative regarding the extent of your coverage for full mouth reconstruction.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Once your reconstruction is complete, your mouth will be free from toothaches, the odor of decay, and the repeated pain of infected gums and abscesses. Your teeth will no longer cause you headaches or jaw pain. You’ll be better able to eat and enjoy food again, and you’ll be amazed at the overall improvement in your appearance.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice upon meeting you. A full mouth reconstruction can boost your self-esteem in ways you never imagined. It can improve your relationships, increase your job success, and make you a much happier, more confident adult. Most importantly, it will relieve the pain of toothache and infection you may have lived with for years.

Full Mouth Reconstruction at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery

If you think you may be a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction to relieve chronic and persistent pain and improve the appearance of your smile, contact Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery today. Melbourne and Rockledge Oral surgery at Sunrise is performed by caring and experienced professionals who are experts in full mouth reconstruction. Schedule your consultation, contact us today.