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February 10, 2023

For those who struggle with dental anxiety, entering into an environment where you have to allow someone complete control over your well-being for an undetermined period of time can be entirely overwhelming. Oral surgery can bring up a lot of emotions. This is especially true for those who are already coping with anxious feelings from dental and medical visits. In some situations, it can even cause people to withdraw from seeking medical treatment. If you are uncertain about the best way to proceed with your needs for medical care, whether it is for bone grafts or dental implants, the experts at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery can help.

Taking care of yourself is important. While it is important to manage your anxiety and prevent yourself from entering a situation in which you’ll be excessively uncomfortable, it is also important not to withdraw yourself too much from necessary medical care so that you can prevent yourself from feeling overly anxious.

Finding a solution can be challenging, but not impossible. Talk with your oral surgeon. Talking to them about the challenges you are experiencing with your anxiety about your upcoming procedure can help.

Sedation in the Treatment of Anxiety for Dental Care

One method that can be helpful in the treatment of anxiety for those who are in need of oral surgery is the use of sedation. Sedation is often used in different medical procedures. This is especially true for more severe dental services that may require invasive treatment that could result in some level of pain. The use of sedation in the case of treating anxiety during dental care uses the same principles of sedation but instead of utilizing the treatment as a means of limiting the experience of physical pain prior to the start of the dental visit, the idea is that the application of sedation is being utilized to reduce the symptomatology of mental and emotional pain, or trauma, as a result of the start of dental services.

The goal of sedation in the treatment of anxiety during oral treatment is to improve patient comfort during the medical procedure. As a result, there are several modes of treatment that can be utilized, depending on the needs of the individual.

Sedation Options Include:

  • General anesthesia: This is ideal for patients with acute anxiety. It will cause you to fall asleep for the duration of your treatment rather than be awake during the procedure. With general anesthesia, you will wake up when the procedure is over and won’t remember a thing.
  • Local anesthesia: For patients who are anxious about the pain that the procedure may cause, local anesthesia could be ideal. This type of sedation numbs the part of the mouth that is being worked on. This makes it a pain free experience. This is ideal for minor dental work, as well as for types or oral surgery that may cause some pain but won’t be too invasive or overly stressful.
  • Intravenous or IV sedation: This is a very safe and effective form of sedation. It is highly effective for those who struggle with anxiety and require a bit of sedation for dental treatment. This sedative is delivered directly into the bloodstream through a small needle, like an IV. You are in a semi-awake state during the procedure but you are not in any pain. Thus, the experience is generally considered rather pleasant.

Additional Ways to Cope with Anxiety:

Sedation is a great tool but there are additional ways to cope with anxiety regarding oral surgery as well. Talking with your oral surgeon about what to expect with your visit can be a great way to get started with addressing your anxiety.

Ask how long the procedure is likely to take, and what tools you can expect that will be used. You can also ask how long the recovery period is likely to take. Additionally, make sure to cover topics like how you will feel during the procedure and what to expect afterwards. Having information like this may help you to feel less anxious about the experience. Thus, could help you to have a more positive outlook towards the entire experience.

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If you are unsure about pursuing necessary oral care because of anxiety, talk with your doctor about sedation options. Sedatives are a great tool for reducing pain during dental appointments. This is true whether that pain is inflicted as a result of emotional trauma, stress, or physical pain as a result of the procedure. For more information, contact us at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery.