Our practice strives to be at the forefront of surgical technology. We were the first oral and maxillofacial surgery office in Central Florida to use platelet rich plasma, or PRP, to expedite surgical wound healing. This technology requires special centrifuges that separate the patient’s plasma and platelets from other blood components. The PRP is then locally reintroduced into the operation site, where it can propel the immune system and facilitate expedited healing. Each location of Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery is equipped with PRP centrifuges. During your consultation, Dr. Schmid, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Banachowski can determine if using PRP will benefit your procedure.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich plasma, also called PRP, is drawn from the patient’s own blood, harnessing the power of tiny blood clotting cells known as platelets. These cells help your body stop bleeding following an accident or injury and are also critical for healthy cellular growth.

After drawing blood from your arm, we carefully separate the platelets from your white and red blood cells, creating a highly concentrated liquid that can be injected back into your body at the surgical site. Using PRP in this way allows us to expedite your recovery process, speeding along your body’s ability to heal while also mitigating post-operative discomfort.

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Benefits of PRP

We provide PRP to our patients because we have seen first-hand how it enhances recovery. Some of the healing benefits of PRP include:

  • Decreased discomfort following oral or facial surgery.
  • Improved healing for oral tissues.
  • Stronger bone structure following a bone graft.
  • Abbreviated healing times, particularly for dental implant patients.
  • A lower risk for dry socket and other post-op complications.

Is it Safe?

Another significant benefit of PRP is that it is completely safe. Because it is a byproduct of the patient’s own blood, there is no worry about disease transmission. And, because PRP expedites the healing process, it results in a much smaller window for potential infection. Through the use of PRP, our doctors can help you get back to your normal activities as quickly as possible.

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At Sunrise Facial & Oral Surgery, we are committed to the safety, comfort, and well-being of every patient we see. Our use of PRP is just one of the ways in which we promote safety during oral and facial surgery and allow you to bounce back in the shortest time frame possible. To learn more about PRP, we welcome you to call us today to schedule a consultation.