Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job,’ is a surgical procedure that alters the shape and size of the nose to achieve a balanced and harmonious facial appearance. Whether for cosmetic reasons or to improve breathing functionality, rhinoplasty can significantly enhance your quality of life. Learn about the procedure, its benefits, and what you can expect from Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery during the healing process.

Benefits of a Rhinoplasty

There are countless reasons why you might benefit from having a rhinoplasty procedure, including:

Restore Facial Symmetry

A rhinoplasty will provide harmony and the right proportion to your nose and other facial features, providing a more symmetrical look.

Change the Size and Shape of the Nose

With rhinoplasty, your surgeon can address underlying issues with the structure of the nose, correcting concerns with size and shape.

Boost Self-Confidence

By gaining greater harmony between your facial features, you can ultimately feel more confident in your appearance.

Fix a Broken Nose

A rhinoplasty can provide the cosmetic correction you need if your nose has been permanently bent or misshapen by a traumatic accident.

Improve Breathing

If you have a deviated septum, rhinoplasty may yield improvements in breathing. A deviated septum, a condition where the thin wall between your nostrils is displaced to one side, can lead to breathing difficulties, snoring, and even sleep apnea.

Alleviate Sinus Problems

By correcting issues with the nasal structure, our doctors can help you alleviate chronic congestion and other sinus issues.

Correct Congenital Disabilities

Rhinoplasty can address any number of issues with the nose, including aesthetic and functional abnormalities that have been present since birth.

Solve Snoring Issues

By correcting sinus issues, a rhinoplasty can also help resolve snoring issues, providing relief to you and your partner.

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Types of Rhinoplasty

Traditional Rhinoplasty

Whether you have a pronounced hump, a crooked bridge, or a pronounced nasal tip, a rhinoplasty procedure can reshape the bone and cartilage of the nose into your desired look. A small incision will be made inside and underneath the nose. The nose is then reshaped to match your aesthetic goals. This procedure is ideal if you have suffered facial trauma, or simply do not like the cosmetic appearance of your nose. The procedure time for this surgery typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours, and you can expect a downtime of approximately 14 days for recovery and healing.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

This procedure involves injecting a viscous filler into areas of the nose to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing structure. For example, this minimally invasive technique can correct a bothersome nasal hump or sagging tip. The downtime for this procedure is generally between 1 and 2 days, and the cost can vary depending on the extent of correction desired.

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Recovery and Aftercare

Following rhinoplasty, you will need to spend about a week resting and recovering at home. You can anticipate some swelling during this recovery period, so you may not have a clear sense of your final results immediately. This also means that you may have some breathing obstructions for the first few days, but we can prescribe a decongestant that will help. Similarly, medications are available to promote your comfort throughout the recovery process.

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Rhinoplasty can help you achieve long-lasting, natural-looking facial harmony, boosting self-confidence while correcting ongoing breathing problems. Find out more by scheduling a consultation with Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery today.