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June 9, 2020

Don’t frown too much! Put ice on your face to close up the pores and prevent wrinkles from forming! Smiling causes wrinkles! These are all phrases you’ve likely heard many people use and commonly believe when it comes to the health and elasticity of their skin. The good news is a lot of what you’ve heard is likely false. Here’s a few myths we’ve heard over our time that we want to be sure to put to rest when it comes to wrinkles. 

#1: Wrinkles Are Caused By Sun Damage

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkles. However, there may be other issues going on that can play a role in the hydration production and levels of collagen in the skin. Dehydration can make your skin look dull and accentuate fine lines. Certain medications may also affect your skin’s appearance and elasticity.

#2 If It’s Cloudy, You Don’t Need Sunscreen

The UVA rays that cause wrinkles and other aging related skin damage almost always pass through clouds. Your skin needs the protection of a good sunscreen, no matter the weather. UVA can also penetrate glass. If you’re working indoors or driving all day, you’re still being exposed, so be sure to use sunscreen if you’re around any of these environments at any point in the day.

#3 Best Skin Products Are Typically The More Expensive Anti-aging Products And Procedures

The truth is, there is no one size fits all solution to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Your age, medical history, specific complaints, allergies, lifestyle, and more are all key factors. Your doctor can discuss your options, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how other facial cosmetic procedures can and will give you an appearance where you will feel confident.

#4 Your Genes Determine How Quickly You Age

Genetics are one factor in aging, but habits play a much larger role. Exposure to sunlight, not drinking enough water, smoking, and diet can all affect your skin’s health and elasticity and can make you look older than you really are. 

#5 Exaggerated Facial Expressions Lead To Deep Wrinkles

This myth is based on a small kernel of truth. Expressions like frowning, laughing, or squinting in the sun can lead to the development of wrinkles if done an excessive amount of time throughout the entirety of the day. However, when these develop and how deep the wrinkles develop are not as certain, as genes and lifestyle play a large role in how and when they form. 

#6 Facial Exercises Prevent And Fix The Signs Of Aging

This myth is the opposite of the myth stated above. Here, it suggests that repeating certain facial expressions tones the muscles underneath, reducing sagging skin and wrinkles. There’s two problems here. First of all, we’ve covered that repeated expressions may lead to facial lines. Secondly, the fine muscles of your face don’t ‘bulk up’ like in other parts of the body. You can’t replace lost volume with facial exercises. This is where cosmetic procedures can suit you better.

#7 Drinking Lots Of Water And Using Moisturizer Will Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles

It’s true that dry, dehydrated skin can appear more wrinkled. However, this is more of a temporary skin condition than true, age-related wrinkles. If you do have real wrinkles, drinking more water and using moisturizer can improve their appearance and make them less visible. However, water alone will not erase these lines or magically fill them up.

#8 Washing Your Face Roughly And Rubbing Products Into Your Skin Makes You Get Wrinkles

The skin on your face is quite thin and delicate, so it’s not a good idea to treat it roughly. You could end up with irritation and wear down the elasticity of your face. However, if you do scrub and rub your face often, you won’t be causing wrinkles. Skin is elastic and bounces back as it’s touched.

#9 You Can Fix Wrinkles With DYI Masks Of Yogurt, Honey, Oatmeal, Chamomile, And Other Natural Ingredients

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are flooded with appealing pictures of easy face masks. And while it can be fun to whip up a DIY spa experience at home alone or with some friends,  some of these products that claim to soothe inflamed skin or act like a gentle moisturizer, can end up irritating your skin. Additionally, another thing to remember is that these masks only work on the surface of the skin. They don’t work on deeper layers of your skin and can’t permanently lift scars or imperfections that have been on your face for long.

#10 Once You Start Getting Wrinkles, They Can’t Be Reversed

It depends on what you consider ‘reversed,’ but generally speaking, this is a myth. There are a number of products and procedures that can greatly improve the appearance of wrinkles, whether they are the first fine lines or deeper expression lines. It’s never too late to achieve smoother, healthier looking skin.

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