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September 10, 2018

Your cosmetic surgery journey starts when you schedule that first cosmetic surgery consultation. As you begin thinking about all the questions you have and wondering how your consultation will go, it can be a little overwhelming. A good consultation will help you learn more about your options and put you at ease before you decide to schedule your cosmetic surgery. Being prepared and knowing what questions to ask can help you make the most of your consultation. Use the following guide to make sure you’re prepared to take advantage of the time you spend with your potential cosmetic surgeon.

Before Your Consultation

Before you have your consultation, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Research the Procedure – You probably have a good idea about what type of procedure you’re interested in having performed. Take the time to research the procedure so you’re familiar with the basic terminology and the basics of the procedure before you have your consultation. The more informed you are going into the consultation, the more you’ll be able to get out of it when you’re face-to-face with the surgeon.
  • Have Medical History Information Ready – Make sure you have medical history information ready for the surgeon. This should include all medical conditions, medications and supplements you’re taking, and any medical problems that run in your family. Providing your surgeon with your complete medical history can ensure safety and proper planning for your procedure.
  • Prepare Questions for the Surgeon – It’s easy to forget the important questions during your consultation, so spend some time preparing and writing down questions for the surgeon before your consultation. This way you don’t forget to ask them. Some questions you may want to ask include:
  • What training, experience, and certifications do you have?
  • Do you have before and after photos of similar procedures?
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure? If not, why?
  • What are the risks and benefits of the procedure?
  • How many times have you performed the procedure in the past?
  • Do you have hospital privileges?
  • Where will I have my surgery? Is the facility accredited?
  • What kind of anesthesia is needed to have the procedure?
  • What are the credentials of the surgical staff that will be assisting you?

During Your Consultation and Exam

When you have your consultation and the physical exam, make some mental notes. Pay attention to the staff members and whether they are friendly and helpful. When you first meet the surgeon, do you feel at ease? During the physical exam, make a few mental notes:

  • Does the doctor understand the areas you’re concerned about?
  • Is the doctor professional, kind, and courteous?
  • Does the surgeon inform you of your options to help you meet your goals?
  • Do you fully understand what to expect from the procedure?
  • Have you been given reasonable expectations for your procedure results?
  • Do you feel very confident about moving forward with the procedure after talking with the surgeon?

Addressing Financial Concerns

Your consultation is the perfect time to address financial concerns that you have as well. Before you have the consultation it’s a good idea to research the average cost of the procedure in your area and then find out what your surgeon will be charging. In many cases, you’ll be required to put a down payment down when you schedule the procedure and you may need to pay in full before your surgery date. If you have concerns about financing the procedure, talk to the surgeon and office staff during the consultation. Many offices are happy to provide you with financing options that make it more affordable for you to reach your cosmetic surgery goals.

It’s important to have a thorough consultation with a highly qualified surgeon when you’re considering cosmetic surgeon. A good surgeon will use the cosmetic surgery consultation to educate you on the procedure, potential risk and complications, recovery time, and the results you can expect. We work with our patients to provide thorough consultations that give you a complete understanding of the procedure so you can proceed with comfort. Schedule your consultation today and come into one of our Melbourne, FL or Rockledge, FL area offices prepared to take the next step towards cosmetic surgery and reaching your goals. Dr. Kim Schmid enjoys meeting and speaking with his patients about the results they are striving for.