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Wisdom Teeth
June 26, 2020

Over time, the human jaw has reduced in size, and with it, the need for fewer teeth and molars. For some, wisdom teeth come in without causing an impact, and grow naturally with your jaw and smile. However, for a large number of people wisdom teeth will, over time, become impacted, can shift the entire alignment of the teeth, and lead to more complicated procedures down the road if not removed in time. When it comes to booking your oral surgery with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we’ll share a few insights on how you can tell if a visit to Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery is needed sooner, rather than later. 

When Wisdom Teeth Absolutely Need To Be Removed

For many people, there simply is not enough room in their mouth for wisdom teeth to grow correctly. However, there are specific times where wisdom tooth removal is crucial sooner rather than later. For starters, if the teeth partially appear in the gums, this is a good indication that they are ready to emerge fully, sometimes slowly, in.  Your dentist may recommend waiting on your wisdom tooth to develop further before removing one or more altogether. But, if you feel any type of sharp pains or shocks of pain around that area, it may be best to consult with us.

It is immediately apparent if wisdom teeth are forming properly in your mouth by the way they emerge out of the gums. If only part of the tooth pokes out, it means the teeth could be growing in crooked or impacted. Due to the size of the tooth and its placement within the jaw, your new molars could push your other teeth out of alignment. Additionally, partial teeth are difficult to clean, and they can form pockets around the gums and trap food and bacteria in hard-to-reach areas. When this is the case, you’ll have to get them removed as soon as possible, as it can result in decay if you’re not diligent about cleaning those areas properly.

Lastly, if the wisdom teeth are completely hidden, it is a possibility they could get impacted into your jaw. If you wait too long and it becomes severe, not only will it cause harm to your other teeth, but it can damage your whole jaw structure and require maxillofacial surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgery involving your jaw is far more complex and takes longer for recovery. You’ll be better off to have X-rays taken of your jaw to track their growth and positioning. We can then help you decide the best course of action.

The Benefits Of Removing The Wisdom Teeth Early

The benefits of removing wisdom teeth early often outweigh the benefits of leaving the teeth in place and hoping nothing negative happens. By removing the wisdom teeth when you’re young, you will heal quickly. If you have the wisdom teeth removed at a younger age the roots will not be fully developed, which means there is less tooth to remove, which cuts down on the size of the extraction. It also ensures you don’t suffer from alignment issues, as even a minor shift can cause a slight overlap in the two front teeth or bottom four. As wisdom teeth continue to grow and develop, they will apply pressure to the rest of your teeth, which will then push your teeth out of alignment. This is especially frustrating if you’ve already worn orthodontics and now need to get a second treatment to correct any movements that caused misplacements.

The Benefits Of Removing Wisdom Teeth Later

In some cases, having your wisdom teeth develop at a later time in life can actually benefit the look of your overall smile and oral health. This is because as long as the teeth don’t come in and hit any nerves, or come in crooked, they can push your teeth closer together, and bring together any larger gaps that form in your smile you may not particularly care for. The good thing is, if you keep up regularly with your oral health and your regular dental visits, you’ll be able to have them simply removed and pulled in little time, and with very little or even no pain. Our surgeons, Dr. Schmid. and Dr. Kim can help you discover the best course of action for you during your first visit. 

Get Advice From An Expert

We’re passionate about being innovative in oral health. At Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery, we pride ourselves in continuing to care for you long after you’ve healed. We know just how important your smile is to you, so we do everything in our power to keep it healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. Before your appointment, we ensure every patient receives a guide on how to recover from wisdom tooth removal. Everyone can experience different reactions after the procedure, and we want you to be best informed before, during, and after your surgery. Contact our office in Melbourne or Rockledge today to get one step closer to your optimal oral health. Trust the experts so many residents in Brevard County confide in for their oral and maxillofacial needs!