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January 5, 2023

Taking A Leap Of Faith

Meet Deborah, a 70-year-old Brevard County resident and patient of Dr. Kim who sought him out for dental reasons. After learning about Dr. Kim’s cosmetic practice and learning his background, she had complete confidence in his ability to help her find the results she was looking for. She later attended Dr. Kim’s semi-annual Renew You event, an exclusive seminar focused on our cosmetic services. It was here that Deborah made the decision to go for it and booked her consultation for a mini facelift and necklift.

Watch her testimonial below and make sure you grab a tissue!

Deborah’s Testimonial

“If you’ve ever considered a facelift or other cosmetic treatment done, don’t wait! Hurry in and book an appointment like I did, with Dr. Kim at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery. It will most likely change your life, just like mine did!

I had considered a neck and facelift for a few years, after caregiving and stress took it’s toll. But I was concerned about which doctor to to go to. Then I found Dr. Kim and knew he was the right choice discovering he is double board certified in both cosmetic and maxillofacial surgery. He really listened to what I hoped to achieve and made suggestions geared towards my goal. Dr. Kim explained having a neck and mini facelift would accomplish a more defined jawline and banish my sagging jowls. He wasn’t like some other doctors who handed me a long list of procedures I ‘needed’ and then put the pressure on by offering a ‘special discounted deal’ if I signed up ‘right now’.

Prior to, during and post procedure the office and medical staff were so friendly, supportive and fun! This team worked hard to make sure all my needs were met and questions answered in a timely manner! They made sure everything went smoothly ! Unlike other cosmetic surgery offices, the staff wasn’t pretentious and I never felt intimidated!

The procedure went well and I cannot explain how absolutely thrilled I am to gain my self confidence back again! Everyday is fun when you look and feel good about yourself! When I wake up every morning and see myself in the mirror, I smile! Even if things are getting a little crazy in life I have the motivation to hold my pretty head high and carry on because I ‘LIKE’ who and what I see in the mirror!

Now when I run into friends I haven’t seen for a while they can’t believe how good I look and tell me to keep up whatever it is I’m doing! Several people have commented it has taken not just 20, but 30 years off my age! I am happier and healthier, but many other areas of my life have also improved as a secondary benefit! I’m taking better care of my health, I’m socializing with friends more, and I’m more positive about the future! It’s really changed my life!

And now I can wear all those lovely blouses with any type of neckline and not feel so conspicuous about the ol’ gobbler showing!

Dr. Kim and his staff are the best anyone could hope for if proceeding with cosmetic surgery. He is not only gifted with knowledge, experience and surgical skills but he is also blessed with the bonus of an eye for beauty. These combined provide the magic that brought my incredible new look to life and I would urge anyone considering surgery to book with this talented doctor asap!

Special thanks to Roxann, Paige, DJ, Jen and the entire team. I am so happy and thankful I found Dr. Kim and no matter what cosmetic treatment procedures you may be considering, I know if you go see Dr. Kim and his team, you will be too!

Before and After Gallery

Deborah’s results just 6 weeks after her procedure!

Are You Ready?

If you’ve been considering a facelift, necklift or both, we encourage you to attend our Renew You event or book a consultation with Dr. Kim. We would also like to extend our thanks to Deborah and all patients who publicly share their experiences. It significantly aids our future patients in the decision-making process of choosing the right surgeon and the right procedure to fit their needs.

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